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Respiratory Conditions



I specialise in three areas:

  • All chest and airway problems in children so recurrent cough, wet coughs, recurrent chest infections, asthma, croup, pneumonia and breathlessness as examples.

  • Disorders of sleep such as difficulty falling asleep, recurrent waking, early waking, night terrors, snoring restless sleep, nightmares and technology dependent children as examples .

  • Food allergies; so not only the obvious type of reactions but the unusual ones such as oral allergy syndrome and exercise induced allergy.

I feel able to justify these claims because I have been an NHS consultant looking after such children since 1994 at the Royal Brompton Hospital, a national referral centre for these problems. I have been invited to give lectures in many of the countries of Europe, the USA, Japan, Peru and South Africa on many of these topics and I have published more than 80 papers covering many but not all these issues.

Dr Mark Rosenthal


Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

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For the full list please look on this CV link but briefly I trained in Manchester (as I am a northern boy) and then worked for the president of the Royal College of Physicians for my first Job and after that in Manchester, Leicester and Liverpool before coming to London in 1988. In addition I have been asked to comment as an expert witness on more than 300 medicolegal cases involving all of the above and have appeared in the high court and court of appeal together with giving evidence to a House of Lords select committee on allergy.

I therefore am happy to see patients with any of these problems at the clinics shown below

I therefore am happy to see patients with any of these problems at the clinics shown below

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