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Royal Brompton Hospital,
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Respiratory Conditions

Consultation Process


Once you have made an appointment and you come to the clinic you will need to fill in forms which are different for each place, but that's bureaucracy for you! A first appointment is planned to be 30 minutes and a follow up 15 minutes but these are flexible depending on the circumstances. All girls over age 9 are examined in the presence of a nurse.

After every consultation you will receive a letter, the same as which goes to your GP (if you have one) detailing what occurred and plans for follow up if needed. This will be accompanied by a receipt if you paid on the day. If you have medical insurance the invoice goes direct to the insurance company BUT...Please, Please if you have medical insurance, you must have with you for every visit your authorization and membership number otherwise you will need to pay before you leave.

Dr Mark Rosenthal


Consultant in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine

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