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Common Causes of Wheezing in Babies and Children


Wheezing is a common symptom in young children, but it can have many different causes. The first step towards finding the right approach for wheezing baby treatment is to find out what is wrong. Your doctor should be able to provide a diagnosis from among the following common causes of wheezing in babies.

  • Asthma: If your child is often wheezing and coughing, it could be a sign of asthma, especially if it gets worse after exercise or at night. It’s important to seek wheezing baby treatment if the problem persists as your child will require treatment if the cause is asthma.


  • Allergies:Both food allergies and airborne allergies can cause wheezing in children. Other possible symptoms include a runny nose, red eyes, and rashes on the skin. It is important to see a specialist if you think that your child has an allergy. The doctor will be able to confirm the diagnosis, identify the trigger and advise you on managing it.


  • Bronchiolitis:Bronchiolitis is a viral infection that usually starts with cold-like symptoms. It then develops into a cough that is often accompanied by wheezing and heavy breathing. The symptoms should go away within a couple of weeks.


  • Croup:A barking cough is the most characteristic sign of croup, but it can also cause cold-like symptoms, fever, wheezing and noisy breathing. Croup is caused by a virus and shouldn’t last more than about a week.



  • Swallowed Object:Another potential cause of wheezing in young children is that something has become lodged in the throat. It is essential to seek help right away if you think there is something stuck in your child’s throat, particularly if they are choking, coughing or having difficulty breathing.

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